A Study on Norman Borlaug

The Abundant Garden: Growing Quality Kids Through Gardening by Kinderfarmhomeschool.com

A Study on Norman Borlaug: an activity for children of all ages. Norman was a man who won many awards and medals for averting famines and feeding billions of people from his accomplishments with wheat. There is controversy surrounding Norman however, in the use of fertilizers and genetically modified wheat, and the use of excess water in growing the wheat, which may have then led to impoverished peasant farmers. To learn more about this controversy, you can read this thought-provoking article found on thegaurdian.com. In this activity, children will learn more about the accomplishments and contributions of Norman Borlaug.

  • Supplies:
    • garden notebook/journal
    • pencil
    • eraser
    • art medium of your choice
    • page protectors
  • Read this highly recommended book, The Kid Who Changed the World, by Andy Andrews.
  • Have your children draw a picture of Norman.
  • While drawing, have your children tell of his accomplishments and narrate parts of his story that had an impact on them.
  • Have your children label any character attributes you and your children can think of for Norman on one side and his accomplishments on the other. If you have a younger child, have them narrate these qualities and achievements to you while you write them in the journal for them.
  • If you have older children, consider discussing the controversy around Norman: feeding billions of people vs. GMO and impacting the economics of the small family farm.
  • Talk about the butterfly affect – how the the words they say, the decisions they make, the actions they take, little and big, can impact the lives of many.
  • Have them write or narrate any thoughts on this and include it in their journal.