Anatomy of a Farm

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Anatomy of a Farm: an activity for children of all ages. In this activity, children will create a farm map incorporating a variety of the components of a farm as they desire.

  • Supplies:
  • Throughout the week, memorize Deuteronomy 28:8, The LORD will send a blessing on your barns and on everything you put your hand to. The LORD your God will bless you in the land.”
  • Read one or more of the following books: please also see the resource books about farming:
    • Eyewitness: Farm by Ned Halley – highly recommended for children ages 8-12 (please note there is brief mention of evolution). (R)
    • Farm Anatomy by Julia Rothman – highly recommended for children ages 5-12, specifically chapters 4 and 5. (R)
    • Let’s Look at Farming by Sylvia Pankhurst – highly recommended for children ages 5-10 (please note: this book does include mention of pesticide spraying). (R)
    • A Year on the Farm by Sue Unstead – recommended for children ages 4-9. (R)
  • Discuss the different types of farms: 1) arable (crop) farming for growing crops such as wheat, corn and barley 2) pastoral farming for raising animals such as cows, chicken, and sheep and 3) mixed farming – both arable and pastoral.
  • Discuss commercial farming (meant to provide an income by feeding many) versus subsistence farming (enough to feed the family).
  • Have your child draw a map of their dream farm.
  • Label each part of their map. Ask them to name their favorite part and provide an explanation for why.
  • Talk about how different this picture would look in a different season. Consider having them draw the same picture in a different season. (Example, the winter as opposed to summer.)
  • Feel free to add your memory verse, poems, recipes, memories, or quotes about farming to your garden notebook/journal as well.
  • Place the page(s) in a protector when finished and include them in the garden notebook/journal.
  • Take pictures and tag #theabundantgarden on Instagram to share your fun and for an opportunity to be featured @theabundantgarden.