Carved in Stone

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Carved in stone: an activity for children of all ages. Mount Rushmore is a national monument that was created under the direction of Gutzon and Lincoln Borglum. The four presidents preserved in stone were selected because they represented the most important events in the history of the United States. Thomas Jefferson, one of the president’s included in this honor, was thought to be chosen because of his work with the Declaration of Independence, representing a government by the people, and because he represented the expansion of the United States with the Louisiana Purchase.

With this activity, children will not only learn about Mount Rushmore, but will also be encouraged to take the time needed to evaluate and develop their own thoughts and opinions and then articulate these ideas about the value of four influential people in their own lives. “… being able to personalize their own monument, {will help your children} to have a better understanding of the symbolism behind our nation’s landmark” (Portas, N. (2014, May 14). Journey to North America. Retrieved January 09, 2017, from

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  • Talk with your child about people who have been influential in their lives. Allow some time for reflection and contemplation.
  • During (or after) your conversation, have your child draw a mountain on a piece of paper.
  • Next, have them draw the four most influential people in their life to personalize their own monument.
  • Under each picture, have your child write or narrate why the person was chosen. Transcribe their response as needed.
  • Next, have your child make a separate thank you card for each influential person, telling them why they have been included in this meaningful list and thanking them for the part they have played in your child’s life.
  • Send or hand deliver each card.
  • Place the drawing of their influential people’s monument in a page protector and include it in their garden or history notebook/journal.
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