Corn Husk Dolls

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Image by John Morgan, found on Wikimedia

Corn Husk Dolls: an activity for children of all ages. In this activity, children will learn how Native American children used corn husks to create dolls.

*Adapted from an activity found on You can also watch the following video below.

  • Supplies:
    • 6 green or dried corn husks cut into squares
    • bowl of warm water
    • towel
    • string, yarn, or twine
    • scissors
    • felt, buttons, corn silk, and glue gun (optional)
    • Corn Shuck Dolls by Anne Freels (resource optional)
  • Soak the husks in water for 5-10 minutes and pat dry with a towel if using dried corn husks.
  • Lay four husks in a stack.
  • Tie string/twine around the narrow end of the husks about one inch from the top.
  • Fold the husks down over the string, two on each side.
  • About an inch from the top, tie a string around the husk to create a head.
  • Roll the last corn husk, tying at both ends to create arms.
  • Position the arms in between the husks right below the neck.
  • Tie a string around the middle to create a waist.
  • For a female doll, trim the husks to an even length.
  • For a male doll, cut the bottom portion of the husks into equal portions and tie with string at knees and ankles. Trim evenly.
  • To make hair, glue yarn, corn silk tassels, or raffia to the heads. Make clothes from pieces of felt by cutting rectangles and snipping slits or X’s in the center. Slide over the doll’s head and secure around the waist with a piece of string or yarn. Accessorize with buttons as desired using a glue gun.