Discovering Types of Fruit

The Abundant Garden: Growing Quality Kids Through Gardening by Kinderfarmhomeschool.comImage by WordSwag

Discovering Types of Fruit Field Trip – an activity for children of all ages. There are hundreds upon hundreds of different types of fruit and fruit trees: stone (such as peaches and cherries), pome (such as apples and pears) and citrus (such as oranges and lemons). Hybridization has created even more varieties such as papples (apples and pears), pluots (plums and apricots) and pluerries (plums and cherries). Often we get stuck eating what we know, so this activity will help to increase a child’s knowledge regarding the assortments of fruits that are available and possibly expand their palate as well.

  • Supplies:
  • Go to your local farmer’s market and carefully examine each fruit and the different varieties available. Sample as you are able or buy a variety to try at home.
  • Take pictures of different or unfamiliar fruit and/or write down the names and other notes as needed for further study at home.
  • Draw the different fruit or tape the pictures you have taken at the fruit stand onto a piece of paper and label. You can also use pictures cut from magazines or seed catalogs as desired. (Younger children can document the more common varieties and older children can record more rare fruits or hybrids.)
  • Include a description of flavors and tastes for each fruit if desired.
  • Based on your taste preferences and the zone you live in, determine and make notes of which types of fruit trees to plant in your own garden/orchard.
  • Place the page or pages in a protector when finished and include them in the garden notebook/journal.
  • Take pictures and tag #theabundantgarden on Instagram to share your fun and for an opportunity to be featured @theabundantgarden.