Grow and Harvest Wheat – Imaginative Play

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Grow and Harvest Wheat – Imaginative Play: an activity for young children. Imaginative play allows a child to express themselves and experiment with life. It grows their curiosity and and enhances their knowledge while learning through play. This activity allows a young child to use imaginative play, where they will sow a few seeds, watch them ‘grow’ and then harvest them.

*This activity was adapted from an activity found at

  • Supplies:
    • outside patch of dirt OR playdough  (learn how to make your own brown playdough here)
    • stick
    • watering can or hose
    • seeds (wheat seeds are preferable for this activity)
    • stalks of wheat (you can buy them at your local craft store or on amazon)
    • play tractor with trailer (optional)
  • Read the story:
  • Go outside and, using a stick, harrow the land (make rows in a patch of dirt). (Or roll out the playdough and create rows using a stick or playdough roller.)
  • Plant the seeds.
  • Water the seeds with a watering can or hose. Talk about the importance of water and sunshine for seeds in a garden.
  • Insert the stalks of wheat to watch the seeds ‘grow’.
  • Cut the wheat at the ground.
  • Drive the tractor alongside the wheat to harvest and collect the wheat heads. This is a good time to talk about the story of Ruth (chapter 2), how she was allowed to glean the wheat that was “left” by the harvesters.
  • Separate the wheat from the chaff by beating the heads of the wheat on the inside of a bucket until the seeds come out.
  • Winnow the wheat (or clean it of all the hulls) by gently blowing on it or placing it in front of a fan.
  • For more learning, talk about what would happen to their crop if a swarm of grasshoppers would come.
  • If you are wanting to bring the wheat to the table and the cycle of wheat full circle, grind the wheat and use it in a the “Whole Wheat Pancakes” activity included in this lesson.