Mason Jar Salads

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Mason jar salads: an activity for children of all ages. Mason jar salads are easy to make and make a great gift for someone who has just had a baby or who has had surgery, or an elderly person in need of a healthy meal. In this activity, children will not only learn how to make a salad, but also how to make and give a healthy meal to someone in need.

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  • Supplies:
    • salad fixings
    • dressing (optional)
    • a pint or quart-sized mason jar
  • Choose a salad to make from the Pinterest Board below and get the ingredients. Try to choose one that incorporates nutrients from each of the different food groups.
  • Wash and prepare the produce and other items to be included in your salad.
  • Take a clean mason jar and put the dressing on the bottom.
  • Now add your next layer of ingredients, cooked grains, beans, tofu, meats, etc (anything that will sit and soak up the dressing).
  • Continue to layer the ingredients making sure to put the greens at the top.
  • Pack the layers as tight together as possible and keep upright.
  • Add a pint or quart-sized jar of soup and a loaf of bread to a basket and bring it to a person in need.