Mexico: Corn’s Native Land

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Mexico: corn’s native land: an activity for children of all ages. The origin of corn, or maize, has been traced back to Mexico. In this activity, children will learn a few distinguishing characteristics about the culture of Mexico.

  • Draw the flag of Mexico and the map of the country.
  • Cut pictures out of magazines of food (notice the influence of corn in many of the dishes of Mexico) and dress common to the culture and attach them to the notebook page. Ask the children why they think corn is so important in Mexico? How does the food in Mexico compare to the food in your country?
  • Include foods that originated in Mexico and have been brought to the United States (or your country of residence).
  • Choose a meal to make for supper that originated in Mexico such as Huevos Rancheros, Tamales, or Taco Soup (an activity included in this lesson).
  • Cover this page with a page protector and place in garden notebook.