Milk Jug Drip Irrigation

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Milk jug drip irrigation: an activity for children of all ages. If you don’t have a sprinkler system or drip system set up, this simple method of watering can save you both time and money. When watering with a hose, it is easy to apply a lot of water and yet not have much of the water go the roots of the plant where it can be used. This is because a hose can put out much more water per minute than most soil can soak up. When this happens the water spreads out over the surface of the soil where it isn’t useful (except for growing weeds). You can prevent this problem by reducing the water flow of your hose down to a trickle, but then you have to stand by each plant for a looooooong time in order for them to get enough water. Using a milk jug for irrigation allows you to quickly fill the jug and walk away. Gravity does the work for you.

  • Supplies
    • an empty and clean milk jug or other plastic container with cap
    • safety pin or small nail (something to poke holes in the milk jug)
  • Using your safety pin, punch one to three holes in the bottom front of the milk jug
  • Fill the jug with water and replace the cap (replacing the cap will reduce the rate of water flow)
  • Set the jug beside the plant that needs watering and come back later to find the jug empty and your plant happily watered.
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