Parent’s Corner – Heartfelt Discipline

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The Bible says, “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it” (Proverbs 22:6). Finding the right type of discipline for a child can often be difficult. You may think you just have it figured out and then another child joins the family and what works for the first child isn’t working for the second. As parents we are to be “gardeners for Jesus” preparing the soil of our children’s hearts for the seeds that will be planted – good and bad. So how do we prepare the soil of our children’s hearts? It takes hard work and it takes time. Clay Clarkson has this to say in his book, Heartfelt Discipline (p. 11),

“Parenting is not only the process of sowing plenty of good seeds in hopes that some will take root. It is also, and perhaps mostly, about preparing the soil. The task is not to plant enough good seeds to crowd out the world’s weedy influences; it’s about faithfully preparing the soil of our children’s hearts – making it soft and receptive, cultivating it, enriching it with nutrients, watering it, and weeding it. I can throw a zillion seeds of character into my child’s heart, but unless his or her heart has been prepared, and until it is changed by Christ, those seeds will be wasted. There must be hoeing if the seed is to result in growing.”

If you are looking for more direction in your discipline, we encourage you to read this book, along with continuing to seek God’s guidance in your own personal study.

Dear Lord,

Please be with us all as parents. Help us to know how to prepare the soil of each of our children’s hearts. Give us the strength, patience, courage, and wisdom, as we discipline our children. Help us to trust wholeheartedly in You to make them grow strong in faith and filled with Your love. Lead us and guide us day by day we pray.