Picture Study: Renoir’s Girl with Watering Can

The Abundant Garden: Growing Quality Kids Through Gardening by Kinderfarmhomeschool.comImage by publicdomainpictures.net

Picture Study: Renoir’s Girl with Watering Can: an activity for children of all ages. In this activity, children will learn how to better appreciate and understand great works of art.

*(R) books personally reviewed.

  • Supplies:
  • For a young child (ages 2-5):
  • For an older child (ages 6 and up):
    • Read one (or more) of the following recommended books to study the artist as a person:
    • Have your child narrate the story back to you in their own words. (You may decide to read a short passage and then have them narrate rather than retelling the entire story.)
    • Discuss Renoir’s story.
      • He was faced with rejection for his work over and over. Ask your child why Renoir decided to continue painting? Why didn’t he give up and quit? Ask your child what they would do if they were met with rejection in doing something they loved.
      • Impressionists were some of the first painters to begin painting outdoors. Ask your child how it feels to try something different from everyone else.
      • Talk about how Renoir continued to create art even with pain in his hands. Discuss what made him want to go on.
    • If desired, have your child write a short paragraph, including what details of the story they felt were important (recommended for children developmentally ready, 8-10 and up).
    • Print the picture, “Girl with Watering Can”, from publicdomainpictures.net.
    • Discuss the picture. Ask the child some of the following questions, making sure not to impose your own feelings/interpretations:
      • Why is this painting called “impressionistic”?
      • What did you see in the picture?
      • Did you like it?
      • Does this picture make you feel happy or sad?
      • If you could name this picture, what title would you choose?
      • What colors did you like in the painting?
      • Why do you think she has a watering can in her hand?
      • Why do you think she is wearing a nice dress while watering the garden? Did his choice of clothing come from being raised by a tailor?
      • For more questions, visit artjunction.org and/or artcuratorforkids.com.
    • Consider having your child reproduce the painting by tracing it or drawing a sketch freehand.
    • Place the page(s) in a protector when finished and include them in the garden or art appreciation notebook/journal.
    • Take pictures and tag #theabundantgarden on Instagram to share your fun and for an opportunity to be featured @theabundantgarden.