Plant labels

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Plant labels: an activity for children of all ages. It’s not fun when you’ve planted a seed and then forget what kind of seed it was. This activity, making plant labels or garden markers, will help you to remember what you planted where. (An alternative to this is making a detailed garden record in your garden journal.) There are many different ways to make plant labels so a Pinterest board will be included to show a variety of ideas and designs. If at all possible, allow your child room for their own creativity to bloom. Let them choose the type of plant label they would like to make for their container or garden space, or allow them to design their own. This activity will provide an opportunity for creativity to bloom and later help them learn to identify plants and save seeds.

Plant Labels

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  • Supplies:
    • paint stir sticks
    • empty seed packets
    • glass mason jar (or a recycled glass jar)
  • Whittle the stir stick so that one end has a point (sharp enough to drive it into the soil).
  • Place the empty seed packet over the stir stick.
  • Then place an empty clear jar over the seed packet to help protect it from water and stick into the soil next to the freshly planted seeds!