The Abundant Garden: Growing Quality Kids Through Gardening by

The Abundant Garden: Growing Quality Kids Through Gardening 2016-2017

The Abundant Garden: Growing Quality Kids Through Gardening by

You’ve seen those gardens in a magazine or on Pinterest and thought… “I wish I had a garden like that.” Or you’ve heard about the guy harvesting literal tons of produce out of his postage stamp sized yard in the city and thought… “I wish I could do that.” Well, you can, and you can grow more than just beautiful flowers and yummy food. You can grow virtuous kids and a strong family as well.

Using the Dr. Raymond Moore’s formula of study, work, and service, we, a science teacher and home school mother of four, have created a gardening curriculum specifically designed for preschool through middle-school aged children (but suited for all ages.)

If you have land or live in an apartment, if you homeschool or go to school, if you learn by reading or by doing, this curriculum will help you learn all the important lessons that gardening has to offer. Our gardening curriculum is designed to be an experience, project, and literature-based way of learning for the family. It consists of 36 weeks of lessons which began on October 3 (Don’t worry if you’re starting late, you will have access to this gardening curriculum for more than one season.) Each monthly unit includes four lessons: the study of basic gardening concepts with practical applications and activities, a theme plant (including recipes), a garden creature of the month, and an influential pioneer in gardening/agriculture. It includes monthly gardening goals that will help you to gradually build and improve your garden and your gardening skills.

The goal of this curriculum is to help you to not only grow fruits and vegetables, but more importantly to grow the bodies, minds, hearts, and souls of your child.

Join today for a one time fee of $59 for 36 weeks of lessons.

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Please note: This class will be accessible indefinitely so you can start any month and work at your own pace!

Here’s what some of our users have said about the course:


 “Love it! I wish I had this resource years ago. God bless you!”  – Janelle


“I love all your lessons! Very well planned and researched with interesting links. The reading lists are also fun and nice to tie into the lessons. I also enjoy the recipes…going to try to make the apple cider doughnut holes this week:)” – Michelle


“Such great courses! We are behind a bit & just started the apple ecourse yesterday, but LOVE it. Such lovely book suggestions & great video links. Total score! Thanks for all your hard work – we’re benefiting from it!” – Nikki


“Our family is loving The Abundant Garden ecourse! The flexibility of this course and ease of use has been a blessing for the implementation of these lovely ideas into our homeschool routine. It isn’t overwhelming, and it’s something my kids cheerfully look forward to! One of my favorite things about this course is how it brings the whole family together, uniting us toward a common goal-all while allowing us to have fun and create lasting memories. We are so excited about the broad range of topics offered and the carefully curated literature recommendations and activities. Thank you Joey and Heidi! May God Bless these and all of your future endeavors in this noble arena!”  -Maria


“The boys and I made apple cider donuts last week using the donut maker you recommended from Amazon. It worked wonderfully, and we had such a fun time together! This will definitely become a yearly tradition in our family!” – Andrea



The Abundant Garden: Growing Quality Kids Through Gardening 2016-2017