Whatever’s Ripe Jam

Whatever’s Ripe Jam: an activity for all ages. Often when gardening you don’t have enough of one type of fruit in your garden to make jam. In this activity you will treat jam making as a science activity and experiment with combinations of what is ripe. You will also get to make super yummy jam!

  • Supplies:
    • Ripe fruits (or vegetables that work for jam like Rhubarb)
    • Small pot (do this on a smaller scale more often to perfect your technique)
    • Sugar, honey, maple syrup or some other natural sweetener
    • Canning jars and lids
    • Lemon juice or fruit fresh (optional)
  • Decide what combination of fruit you want to make jam out of (fig rhubarb is surprisingly good and doesn’t require as much sugar since the figs are already sweet. Hot pepper jam is also really yummy on a bagel with cream cheese so think outside the box!)
  • Prepare the fruit appropriately and cut into smaller pieces.
  • Measure the amount of each fruit and record it on a page for your gardening journal.
  • Place the fruit in the pot and start heating (add a small amount of water if necessary.)
  • Add sweetener to taste and record how much you added on your record sheet.
  • Add lemon juice or fruit fresh if using fruit that will brown excessively or just for taste. Record this as well.
  • Keep the recipe you have created in your gardening journal so you can repeat it and improve upon it.
  • The more you practice this technique the better you will get at it!
  • Try your jam on some yummy bread or a cracker and have your family and friends try it as well.